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The sentinels of the landscape

In nature, the expressive impact of an isolated motif attracts me : the trees "muscles of the landscape". I thus seek to set these landmarks, to isolate them in order to make them exist in their isolation; to capture the essence of the landscape through its "sentinels".
The tree is both the landscape double of man, the long time, a spatial signal, the symbol of the balance between heaven and earth and a perfect architecture.

The Tree, the landscape double of man

The tree corresponds to the transposition of our quest for a relationship with nature: “a pure element, a unique motif: the tree”, Julien Gracq. The tree is our landscape double. He stands upright like us. The detail of its structure - roots, trunk, branches, twigs, leaves - provides multiple symbolic meanings that allow the passage from man to nature and from nature to man. "A tree is a man who raises his arms to the sky", Jules Renard. The encounter with the tree confronts us with our littleness and encourages us to humility.

The Tree, the long time

Our so-called modern societies praise speed: between future and past, the present is often forgotten, a slave of the becoming or the nostalgic regret. By contrast, the tree is the praise of slowness, of “taking the time”. The tree took root in the distant past, it resists the difficulties of existence, it is the image of timelessness, of eternity. It transmits a message through the generations. This is the “family” tree.


The Tree, a spatial signal

The tree makes the landscape, it embellishes ordinary places. "Trees are the adornment and clothing of the earth", Yves Lacoste. The tree is a signal, a milestone deliberately planted, the tree is the ostentatious instrument of an individual or a community to structure its landscape. The tree is a monument, a landmark: it creates an event, a break from monotony. The tree creates an elemental pattern. The tree opens the space upwards. The tree thus manifests meaning in an image

The Tree, a symbol of the balance between heaven and earth

The tree represents the link between living and inanimate, between heaven and earth. It plunges its roots ever deeper into the earth and raises its summit ever higher in the azure. It connects the mineral, the air, the light, the cosmos, in a lasting balance.

The Tree, a perfect architecture

“The tree is the image of the total construction”, Le Corbusier

2011-2014 : Exhibit "Guardiães da paisagem", Alliances françaises in Brazil : Recife, Brasília, Goiana, Viçosa, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Belem, São Luis, Fortaleza, Natal, João Pessoa, Niterói, Nova Friburgo, Florianópolis, Blumenau, Joinville, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Londrina, Santos, São Paulo, Campinas, Jundiaí, São José de Campos & Porto Alegre.